School social work

Embedded in the heart of the organisation's holistic approach to community development lies the identifying of dropout pupils. The main purpuse of this identification is to readmit the children to schools, private as well as governmental.

Our tools to reach the goal of school readmitting are techniques such as counselling, bridge course to slow learners, home visits, participative observations and community inclusive programmes. Furthermore, we arrange personality development programmes and participate in education assessment meetings as well as individual educational planning meetings.

Some children might need to be more focused upon by addressing adjustment problems or disabilities and finding individual solutions. This can be done by resource mobilization and preparing a social environment to the child with a disability.

v-care activities
v-care activities

Community development

In connection with the school social work, V-CARE is working holistically in the community where huge school dropout problems can be witnessed. Since these dropouts are the first generation exposed to education system, the community development programmes are in need.

To fulfill the gap we adapt adult literacy programmes with special focus on females and young adults, awareness creation and observations of commemorative days. Health and hygiene programmes are introduced along with community art therapy. These intervention aims at total development of each member of the community.

Education & development

The community framed groups such as young adults, adolescents and women are oriented by various issues of the society through group discussions, guest lectures and individual presentations. This would give them a broad perspective of social and developmental issues.

v-care activities
v-care activities

Art therapy

The performing arts are used with therapeutic approach to the individual, group as well as community level. To fulfill the identified psycho-social and educational requirements V-CARE organizes various result oriented cultural camps. A multi dimensional therapeutic center is established at the premises of V-CARE in Mysuru to provide therapeutic intervention through performing arts such as music, dance, drawing, painting, martial arts etc.

Student internship

Students from schools, colleges and universities are welcome to undertake their project work, internship or any other kinds of academic activities that are field based. The programme will be chalked out based on the requirements of the student. Simple indian food and decent accommodation will also be provided to the students on sharing basis for a modest fee. The internship fee will be communicated to the respective students based on their requirements.

v-care activities
v-care activities

Research & publications

The organisation will be publishing the annual report in April or May of every year since the year considered here is a financial year which runs between April and March. The annual report provides complete details of the activities of the year, results, financial position and an evaluation report as well as the future plan for next year. The annual reports may be found as pdf-files under the link "about".

The publication of research report, books and other reports will be published based on the availability of funding.