Volunteering | Professional involvement

Volunteering in the activities of the organisation is encouraged. There are several ways to contribute to the persistence and growth of our work:

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in any way described above, have other suggestions or any questions.


V-CARE is a non-profit organisation depending upon charity funds for the financial support. The raised funds will be used in the communities where the organisation is working. Especially in promotion of education, health, hygiene and cultural hobby clubs. Furthermore, based on the requirements, raised founds can enable the organizing of national and international seminars, conferences, symposiums etc.

We are grateful to accept your donation and remember that all amounts matter. Read below for more information about how to donate money. Thank you!

Transfer to our bank account

Call or Email us so we can provide you with the details for making a transfer to our indian bank account.

Donate from Sweden

Swedish and European donors may get involved and contribute through our underlying organisation V-CARE Sweden. Read more on how to donate/get involved under the link “International”.